Drop off or pick up.

Equipment may be deliver​ed to us via mail (at your cost), dropped off (before or after hours by appointment) or picked up (by appointment $85 charge) if this is viable (within 25 mi​les). ​ Of course, we are always willing to work with you if you're further out of the Phoenix area. (An additional charge may apply)

If you need advice or would like to book a repair, please give us a call at
(602) 908-3272 or send us a message to buzztechnical@yahoo.com.

Guarantee terms - Excludes consumables such as bulbs, reflectors, liquids. Tubes/Valves have a 30 day guarantee excluding misuse. 

*Equipment not picked up within 10 days after repairs are made will be charged a $5.00 per day storage fee until equipment is paid for and picked up. Equipment left over 90 days will be sold.

What is the turnaround time for repairs at Buzz Technical?

Generally repairs are done within a timely fashion after receiving. We will supply you with a diagnosis anywhere from 7 to 10 days of receiving the unit and an estimated time for completion. On repairs where parts are not in stock, the turn around time will be slightly longer depending on availability. 

Rush fee - Can't wait? We can offer a priority rush service as long as parts are immediately available. $35.00 for small items & $50.00 for large rush fee applies.

Repair time can vary depending on the component that needs to be repaired or replaced. 
How much do repairs cost?

$50.00-$75.00 bench charge - To open up the unit and test to see what is essentially wrong. We inform you of the estimated cost and whether it is economical to repair. 

A flat hourly fee is charged thereafter (minus the bench charge if you choose to repair unit) based upon the type of unit and repairs, not including parts.

Call outs (yes, if it's big or unrealistic to move, we will come to you) are charged at $85.00 plus hourly rate of $95.00 per hour plus parts.
Buzz-Technical pro audio.
What do we repair?

We repair most types and makes of audio equipment from tube amps, speakers, mixers, keyboards, pedals, you name it, we're ready to repair it. We can rebuild or modify amps to your specs. All work comes with a 90 day warranty. All repairs are returned with a service sheet detailing the repair and cost of individual parts and labor. 

What we do at buzz-technical pro audio repair